We sit on the school bus complaining about the American bus driver. Only slowly do we realise he got off at the last stop. As the bus hurtles along, no one of the passengers is strong enough to replace him. We must negotiate, or fight, for access to the steering wheel.

US disengagement from the world, real or perceived, drives increased tensions and conflicts in Spykman’s Rimland. Western-imposed rule-sets fragment as emerging powers seek to promote their own values and interests. The world gets nastier and messier. Geopolitics returns with a vengeance. At the same time the big civilisational threats – climate change, poverty, pandemic disease – have not gone away. We are just not very good at dealing with them.

This web-page explores both the geopolitics and the civilisational issues, and the conflicts between them. ┬áIt looks at the implications for governments, business and civil society. In the 21st century, every one is a diplomat, or they are outside the debate. But it cannot be a monologue. There are no blogs here – only conversations. If you do not answer, the debate dies. In the words of Mao, “Bombard the Headquarters”!



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  1. Very good site, thanks! I like the busdriver story, it is very real.
    The US disengaging from the world is driving up tensions and conflics. I agree but would like to add that most of these conflicts originated from US foreign policy; bringing democracy where necessary using a lot of bombs. That is why many don’t want this busdriver from Washington anymore, because with such an unpredictable chauffeur, the bus would crash anyway. Maybe a busdriver from Moscow or Beijing would do? Although, traffic habits in both cities are questionable as well.

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