Shaun Riordan


Shaun Riordan is a Senior Visiting Fellow of the Netherlands Institute for International Relations (“Clingendael”), a member of the social media team for The Hague Journal of Diplomacy and a senior analyst with Wikistrat. He collaborates closely with UNITAR on digital and cyber diplomacy and is a member of the Public Diplomacy Advisory Panel of the SDGF. He also works as an independent consultant on geopolitical risk and diplomacy for governments, Spanish companies and Anglo-American hedge funds.


Shaun spent 16 years in the British Diplomatic Service, including postings to New York, Beijing and Madrid and stints in the Counter-Terrorist and Yugoslav Departments of the Foreign Office in London.


Shaun is author of “The New Diplomacy” (Polity 2003), “Adios a la Diplomacia” (Siglo XXI, 2005) “Reforming Foreign Services for the 21st Century” (Clingendael 2010) and “Cyberdiplomacy: Diplomacy in Cyberspace” (Polity – forthcoming), and co-author (with Paul Ormerod) of “A New Approach to the Analysis of Geo-Political Risk”, (with Brian Hocking, Paul Sharp and Jan Melissen) “Diplomatic Futures: Integrative Diplomacy” (Clingendael 2012) and a Clingendael policy brief “Whither Foreign Ministries?”. He is co-editor of the special edition of the Hague Journal of Diplomacy on Business Diplomacy.

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